International Restaurants in Granada

International Food

While you should definitely take advantage of your Granada stay by eating, drinking, and breathing Spanish, every once in awhile you just crave something different. Well fret not! While Granada is packed with typical restaurants, it's certainly not lacking in the realm of international eateries. So if you're up for a little variety, try Cantina Mariachi for a big plate of nachos, Al Andalus for a falafel on the run, or Estrella Oriental's spring rolls- just to name a few! Here's a few of Granada's well-known restaurants suited for the international palate:

c/ Jardines, 17
Go here for: Arabic-influenced tapas, free and good

Naturi Albaicín
Caldería Nueva, 10
Tlf: 958 22 73 83
Go here for: Arabic-influenced vegetarian

Al Andalus
c/ Elvira
Tlf: 958 22 67 30
Go here for: Arabic

Caldería Vieja, 3
Tlf: 958 21 00 04
Go here for: Lebanese

Restaurante Arrayanes
Cuesta Marañas, 4
Tlf: 958 22 84 01
Go here for: Moroccan

Plaza de Bib Rambla, 14
Tlf: 958 52 10 15
Go here for: Italian

c/ Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, 15
Tlf: 958 26 48 22
Go here for: Japanese, Thai

Estrella Oriental
c/ Álvaro de Bazán
Tlf: 958 22 34 67
Go here for: Chinese

c/ Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, 23
Tlf: 958 25 02 00
Go here for: Chinese

Cantina Mariachi
Centro Comercial Neptuno
c/ Arabial, s/n
Go here for: Mexican<

Ídolos y Fans
Camino de Ronda, 80
Tlf: 958 53 60 22
Go here for: American