Granada Guadix


Guadix has a completely unique selling point thanks to its famous caves which have been transformed into homes for around half of the population. Plus, the Sierra Nevada mountains as a backdrop certainly give it a picturesque edge. Don't be surprised if you are invited in to take a look around the caves, as the locals are very friendly and proud of their home. You will find these cave homes around Barrio Troglodyte.

There are also several other sights you can check out, including the Sandstone Cathedral. Built between the 16th and 18th centuries, it displays a complex mix of architecture that is pleasing on the eyes. You also have the alluring Islamic castle, the Alcazaba, for an infusion of culture. The Moors were the first to make carvings in the caves which are now the main attraction of this town. Another interesting sight to check would be the Cave Museum, which has an impressive display of earthenware pottery.