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Enforex Granada School Steeped in Andalusian and Moorish history, Granada has long since been a popular destination for students and the Enforex school located in the heart of the city provides a great foundation to learning about the majesty of the Andalusian city's past.

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Knowing the city of Granada Granada is the city and the capital of the province of Granada, in the autonomous region of Andalusia, Spain.
A City Tour Granada is a good sized city, with a lot of car traffic and nice shops to browse. It is also home to one of the premier attractions of Spain and the world, the Alhambra.
The best of Granada For lovers of nature and rural tourism, the province is home to five natural parks and a national park. Peace and quiet which can be soaked up in the little villages in the Alpujarras, an almost unspoilt area, entice visitors to remain there forever.
The Alhambra One of the most beautiful places on earth, the Alhambra palace in southern Spain is one of the contenders for the prize to be listed as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.
Arabic Architecture Designed to reflect the very beauty of Paradise itself, the Alhambra is made up of gardens, fountains, streams, a palace, and a mosque, all within an imposing fortress wall, flanked by 13 massive towers.
Torrenueva Granada offers the most important reminders of epochs in Spanish history. Torrenueva, with the widest beach in all the region and Castell de Ferro.