Visit to Morocco


Morocco is a prime example of a beautiful country that sticks to its routes. It offers an unique experience that seems to have floods of tourism due to its popularity. Located in North Africa and just south of Spain, it won't be too long of a trip from Granada to Morocco.

There is so much to see with several cities bursting with activities but heres a run down of some interesting days out in a few of the areas. First of all is Merzouga, where one of the most talked about events is to spend a night out in the desert. Don't worry though, you won't need to bring the survival kit with you, as you have a set of welcoming locals who will take you on the trip for around 30 euros. With the experience of the desert under their belts it's a routine job and you will be spolit with food and tea whilst making the most of the spectacle before you.

In Marrakech there is a great market named Djamaa el Fna Square and it defines busy with a vast range of market stalls; it will be near impossible to take a clear picture with the constant sense of energy circulating within it. You will have a great time weaving in and out of people offering to be your guide, snake charmers doing what they do best and trained monkeys putting on a show for your entertainment. It goes without saying to watch your belongings in such a busy area, but it is a different way of life to what the majority of us are used to and a refreshing way to experience something new!

In Essaouvira, formally known as Mogador, you will find a host of things waiting for you to explore. One of the more interesting stories regards the women who make bottles of Argan nut oil, something of a delicacy used in some countries. It is made by hand in a tough process which includes a good 12-hour shift for these dedicated workers! Needless to say, the quality of their work is astounding and you can stock up on the original untouched version of the Argan oil by the Cooperative.