Granada to Cordoba



Located in southern Spain, Cordoba must have something special in the water as it has produced some highly credited philosophers and scientists that have helped to mould the city into the historical beauty it is known as today.

Its diversity has also been one of the highlights, Cordoba has had an ability to be accepting of various people as at least three religions have all coincided with each other (Jews, Muslims and Christians). This brings a unique melting pot of culture making it a wonderful place to visit, so with that in mind the question is what is there to do around Cordoba? Well here are a few ideas to get the creative thinking kick started.

Firstly there are some interesting museums, some of which offer an alternative to other more mainstream locations. Such an example is paying hommage to the slightly controversial sport of bullfighting, come see photos of some of the greatest figures to step into the ring whilst satifsying your curiosity. Next is the Torre de Calahorra which is the Muslims influence of Cordoba with the charming Arabic structure. It houses several presentations of the religious diversity but was once a source of defense against attackers.

During your trip you won't be blamed for fancying a glass of wine on your travels and Cordoba is home to Montilla which are thought to be world class and critically acclaimed. Make an appointment and the guided tour will be a great addition for your trip. For the other side of the cuisine your likely to experience some really good soup named gazpacho (served cold) or perhaps you'll fancy a speciality like their cured ham (jamon)

You can also combine your food with your nights out, as with anywhere else in Spain the locals generally know how to party and if you head down to places like Bar Plateros you can have the best of both worlds.