Granada City Guide

How to get there

Planning a trip to Granada? As any big city, Granada can be easily reached by car, bus, train or plane with many connections to other Spanish and European destinations... Read more

What to See

Granada is a culturally and historically fascinating city, and its different occupants have left a permanent mark on its streets and "barrios" (neighborhoods), all of them hiding incredible secrets you shouldn't miss! Read more

What to Do

Granada is a perfect example of a lively Andalusian city where life happens in the streets. Mix yourself with the locals and experience unique things in an incomparable city! Read more

Learn here Reaching back as far as early Iberian settlers, Granada's history doesn't span mere centuries- it spans entire milleniums!

Culture & the Arts

Granada has been a cultural melting pot since its very foundation, a city of an extraordinary intellectual and artistic activity, and the headquarters of many different cultures. Read more

Trips from Granada

Located in the heart of Andalucía, and trapped between the mountains and the sea, Granada is an ideal starting point for all sorts of excursions... Read more

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How to Use this Guide

Our aim is to give you all the information for you to decide. Check our sections for more specific details: About Granada explains all you need to know before you leave for the city, and the Transportation section contains detailed information to get around in Granada.