Sierra Nevada from Granada

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada translates into English as 'snowy mountain' and that pretty much sums it up. The Sierra Nevada is a haven for winter sport enthusiasts; it has one of the highest peaks in Spain and follows a unusual lead of having an abundance of snow in the southern half of Spain. You'll get a good six months of snow from the season, which should be plenty of time.

Now to give you a run down of where to go when in Sierra Nevada from Granada. The ski resort itself, named Estacion de Esqui Sierra Nevada, is a energetic mix of the obvious ski slopes - around 67 unique runs- and a host of tapas bars and charming shops for when you need some down time. What's more, it doesn't all have to be all winter sports in the Sierra Nevada, as there are alternatives such as the growing business of newly approved mountain biking routes. This would also be a solution during the quiet period when the season has finished, though the ski resort does have an advanced snow machine to combat this.