Theaters in Granada

Palacio de congresosNothing spells culture like a night at the theater. Whether you want to take in a lively Spanish "zarzuela" (a light opera) or see the words of Federico García Lorca come to life on the stage, Granada has a wealth of venues and a wide range of theatrical activities. So check out the agenda at any of the city's theaters to see what suits your fancy- here are three of Granada's more prominant theaters to get you started:

Teatro Isabel la Católica
(Isabel the Catholic Theater)
c/ Acera del Casino
Tlf: 958 22 29 07
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Teatro Alhambra
(Alhambra Theater)
c/ Molinos, 54
Tlf: 958 22 04 47
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Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos
(Exposition and Conference Palace)
Paseo del Violón
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