Real Estate & Property in Granada

Granada is without a doubt one of Spain's most beautiful cities and while it attracts many tourists, foreign buyers are a lot less common here than in other parts of Spain. Whether you want to snap up a property in central Granada or a little villa in the mountains surrounding the city, buying in this part of the world makes for a wonderful place to live and a good investment for the future.

Spain has become a popular destination for buying investment properties and many people in Britain are opting to buy their first homes in Spain rather than their own country. The Spanish Housing Ministry announced that property prices in Spain rose 9.1% in 2006, down from 12.8% in 2005. However, real estate experts have suggested that this may make it the perfect time to pick up a property in Spain, before the prices rise again, as they are expected to.

If you are serious about buying a property in Granada Spain then check out our Foreign Mortgage page for some useful tips. Below we have listed some reputable real estate agents in Granada, many of which offer service in English.

Real Estate Agents in Granada Spain

Agent specialising in selling and reforming ecologically friendly homes in the beautiful La Alpujarra region, Granada
Cuatro Vientos 18451 Bérchules, Granada Province
Tel: +34 958064048

Don Piso
C/Emperatriz Eugenia 19, Granada 18003
Tel: +34 958805252

Fincas Corral
Avenida Acera del Darro, Granada
Tel: +34 958260603

Internet based property search engine

Inmobiliaria CG
C/Frailes 27, Local 1, Granada 18005
Tel: +34 958522457

Inmobiliaria Los Angeles
C/Frailes 18 bajo, Granada 18005
Tel: +34 958535597

Inmobiliaria Obragran S.L
C/Mariana Pineda 1, Plaza del Carmen, Edificio Bernina 3rd Floor, Granada 18009
Tel: +34 958224962

Avenida Andalucia 81, esq. C/Sagrada Familia, Granada 18014
Tel: +34 958270176

Tropicana Properties
Carrera de la Concepción 28 Bajo, Almuñecar 18690, Granada
Tel: +34 958630320

Wise Move to Spain
C/Bajada del Mar, Cotobro, Almuñecar 18690, Granada
Tel: +34 958639709