Albaicín Culture

Tea RoomThe Albaicín isn't just Granada's oldest district- it's also the largest and most characteristic of Spain's surviving Islamic quarters! The rambling white-washed web of intertwining cobbled streets will take you back to the years of Islamic splendor. Practically unchanged, the Albaicín- which, by the way, is a World Heritage Site- emanates culture from every pore. Amongst the intimate squares and original Islamic fountains, you'll find Arab baths, Islamic palaces, and the city's Archaeological Museum. Set in a majestic Renaissance mansion, this museum is a great way to brush up a bit on your Granada history! Plus, the Albaicín proudly highlights its Islamic past with lively outdoor bazars, exotic tea rooms , and north African restaurants.

Where to experience culture in Granada's Albaicín:

-Museo Archaeológico (Archaeological Museum)

Flamenco Shows:
-El Eshavira
-Peña de la Platería
-Bar-Restaurante La Zeta
-El Niño de los Almendras