Flamenco Shows in Granada

FlamencoRevel in the world of brilliant polka-dot dresses, clacking heels, and heart-stirring music in one of Granada's myriad of flamenco show venues. Since flamenco got its start in Andalucía (learn more about the history of flamenco), cities like Granada and Sevilla are the places to be for the most genuine manifestations of this unique art.

Ranging from commercialized shows- they target bus loads of tourists- to intimate performances set in the caves of Sacromonte, let yourself be wowed in one of Granada's many flamenco show venues. Also, be sure to read up on any flamenco festivals that may be going on or pass by Granada's theaters to check out their agendas, which often feature theater-inspired flamenco.

Sacromonte Flamenco Shows

Centro Interpretación Sacromonte Flamenco
c/ Barranco de los Negros

Zambra Gitana de Los Tarantos
Camino del Sacromonte, 9
958 22 45 25

Zambra de María La Canastera
Camino del Sacromonte, 89
Tlf: 958 12 11 83

Zambra Gitana La Rocío
Camino del Sacromonte, 70
Tlf: 958 22 71 29

Albaicín Flamenco Shows
El Eshavira
c/ Postigo de la Cuna, 2
958 29 08 29

Peña de la Platería
Placeta de Toqueros, 7
958 21 06 50

Bar-Restaurante La Zeta
c/ Pages, 10
958 29 48 60

El Niño de las Almendras
c/ Muladar de Doña Sancha
*Fridays only!

Large Commercialized Flamenco Shows

Los Jardines Neptuno
c/ Arabial
Tlf: 958 52 25 33