Los Cármenes in Granada

Carmen de los MártiresAs you stroll through the picturesque Albaicín district, you may notice vines and trees spilling out of high, white-washed walls. Chances are that within you will find a "carmen," a secluded inner garden that brims with intimate charm. Dating back to Islamic times, you can easily see in Granada that Muslims are quite fond of incorporating as much nature into their streets, homes, and palaces as humanly possible- not surprising, since Islamic cultures traditionally live in desert regions!

One of the most beautiful "cármenes" in Granada is the Carmen de los Mártires, located on the Alhambra hill near the Museo Manuel de Falla. Along with stunning views of the city and of the Sierra Nevada mountains, strolling through the gardens will treat your eyes to hidden fountains, balmy palms, citrus trees, and even a lake with an island, you simply cannot pass it up!