Biking and jogging in Granada

BikingGranada Biking
A great way to get some exercise is with a nice, long bike ride. Cycling is a pretty big sport and past-time in Spain, and many cities have installed special biking lanes. Granada has certainly joined the biking club with a variety of such biking lanes ranging from lanes for inner-city transport to longer treks throughout Granada's outskirts.

Biking enthusiasts can head south down to the beaches of the province's Costa Tropical or to the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Whether you're just looking fora relaxing ride about town or whether you want the adventure of a mountain biking excursion in the mountains, there is something for every biker in Granada.

If you, like most visitors, didn't think to pack your bike into your carry-on bag, check out our rentals page!

JoggingGranada Jogging
Give your body a refreshing work-out with a. Whether you're the type that heaves in pain after ten minutes or an athetic superstar that needs an hour and a half "light jog" to get your day started on the right foot, jogging options are virtually unlimited in Granada. Granada's city streets provide an excellent jogging option- plus, the sightseeing aspect will help you forget about that pesky cramp in your side!

Another option is to take to the foot paths that run throughout Granada's many parks- the Federico García Lorca Park, for example, is a great option with wide paths running through its gardens, flower beds, and fountains. Plus, it has benches- perfect if you need a "break!"