City Tour Buses in Granada

Tour BusWhen it comes to visiting a new place, there never seem to be enough hours in the day to squeeze everything in. If you find yourself running short on time on your Granada visit, consider jumping on one of the red touristic buses that are constantly buzzing around town. Granted that it's the most blatantly touristic thing you could do, but who cares! Embrace your touristic side!

When you buy a ticket, it is valid for twenty-four hours on both of the sightseeing bus routes- "Granada Romántica" and "Granada Monumental." The five-stop "Granada Romántica" tour is taken in a minibus, while the ten-stop "Granada Monumental" tour is in an open-top, two-story bus. Both tours provide recorded audio commentary in various languages- Spanish, English, Japanese, Swedish, French, Italian, Portugese, and German- that will give you tons of information, history, and interesting tid-bits about the various places you see.

City Sightseeing Bus Tours
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