Airport in Granada

Granada AirportThe Granada-Jaén airport, the Aeropuerto Federico García Lorca, is located approximately 17 kilometers from the city center. While Granada's airport doesn't handle many international flights, it is very well connected with bigger airports that do (Madrid, Barcelona, etc.), so don't fret if you're coming from far away!

Granada Airport - Aeropuerto Federico García Lorca
Carretera de Málaga, s/n
Santa Fé, 18329 (Granada)
Tlf: 958 24 52 00
Distance from Granada: 17 kilometers (10.5 miles)

Granada AirportGranada Airport Airlines
-Air Europa
-Air Nostrum

Transport to / from from the Granada Airport
Once the plane sets down, you have a two viable options for getting to the city- unless you have somebody thoughtful enough to swing by to pick you up! Just outside the airport you're sure to find a fleet of taxi-cabs awaiting new arrivals. A cab ride from the Granada airport to the center will probably yield a fare of between € 15.00 and € 25.00 depending on where exactly you're going, traffic, etc.

Option B is to take advantage of Granada's bus system, which has a route that reaches out to the airport. For just a few euros, hop on the bus which will stop just outside the arrivals area- look for signs. The bus route is as follows: Airport - La Caleta - Avenida de la Constitución - Gran Vía - Palacio de Congresos.