Granada Summer Camp Activities

Activities, Workshops & Sports

After lunch, a variety of activities are organized to cater to the different interests of camp participants. These may be individual and team sports, recreation or cultural workshops. Then, each evening, students will be able to enjoy some kind of show, party or other group activity.

Optional Sports Programs

Sports Programs

One of the best times to develop and improve atheletic skills is during the summer! While our Granada camp doesn't as of yet offer sport activities in their program in addition to the camp's already scheduled activities, camps in other cities do have a variety of optional summer sports in which students can participate at an additional cost. The optional sports are held apart from regular daily programming and must be booked and paid for in advance.

The following optional sports are available in at the following summer camps:

  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Marbella (all three)
  • Salamanca
  • Valencia

Weekly Excursions

Each 2-week session includes at least 1 full-day and 2 half-day excursions to diverse sights of touristic and/or cultural interest around each camp: beaches, cities, villages, theme parks and more!